Our Community Involvement

Our Community Involvement

Haisla Benefits to Youth Today’s Haisla Nation is an amalgamation of two historic bands – the Kitamaat of the Douglas and Devastation Channels and Kitlope of the Upper Princess Royal Channel and Gardener Canal.

Our social system is based on matrilineal clans and the eight clans are represented by the strength, determination, intelligence, and adaptability of the wildlife that are an integral part of our communities; The Eagle, Beaver, Killer Whale, Wolf, Frog, Raven and Salmon.

Our 1500 people and our traditional territory, in and around the Douglas Channel on the north coast of BC, have never received the attention we see today. The opportunities in front of us have the potential to create an economic future that we could not have imagined ten years ago.
We believe that by working together, in a spirit of respect and true partnership, we can encourage responsible and environmentally sound developments that will benefit the Haisla and our neighbouring communities and all British Columbians.

The cause you are supporting today, The Youth in Sports Fund, 
has quickly become a cornerstone for our community. The elders of the Haisla understand that our youth are our future and sport is an integral part of our commitment to our young people, as they learn the many benefits and values associated with teamwork, respect and goodwill.

This sense of partnership, cooperation and respect of family, friends and business partners is what will make the Haisla Nation and British Columbia strong.