Profile: Koen Smith

Through soccer, Koen has made new friends, learned teamwork and found a sport he absolutely loves. A huge thank you to HNC & ALL sponsors for our Youth Sports Fund!!!  With your help and generous donations our children have the opportunity to experience many types of sports that are available […] Read more → .

Profile: Mary Ella Christiansen

Mary-Ella is an active member of the Snow Valley Skating Club, and is participating in her 6th year of soccer. Thank you to the Haisla ASF for the money to participate in Soccer with KYSA and a camp with the Whitecaps this summer. Being able to participate in soccer during the summer […] Read more → .

Profile: Cohen O’Brien

Cohen, thanks to the funding from the Haisla Youth Sports Fund, was able to participate in another action-packed season of lacrosse with the Kitimat Wolverines. Cohen travelled with the Bantam/Midget team to Prince George to play the very physical sport. This dedicated group of parents who volunteered their time and […] Read more → .

Profile: Kobie Smith

From Kobie’s own words: This basketball camp helped me improve in basketball, it has given myself confidence. I learned skills and drills that I can show to my teammates in this upcoming basketball season. But most of all I got to meet Demar Rozan. Thank you very much for the […] Read more → .

Profile: Braedon Brazeau

Braeden has been playing soccer for 3 seasons and doing well. He is dedicated and plays defense on the field. He enjoys the love of the game and is passionate about this particular sport. He has met new friends in further developing his leadership and team skills. A nulth juxw […] Read more → .